Thursday, February 17, 2011

This year's change in the way HUD homes are handled - why can't they get it right?

As we watched 2010 come to an end, and read all about the NEW HUD site and management companies, my thoughts were "Wow, when it's broke, they can fix it"!

Well here we are in the second month of the new year and the new HUD layout, and my thoughts are "OMG, why are the same mistakes repeated and no one in charge can see it?"

In the past, HUD (or their management company) would chose 1 or 2 listing Broker's for each State and that listing Broker would receive 1%. Speaking for myself, I thought "Gee, that's why they never answer their phones and their listings are almost "empty" room sizes, interior pics, description of house/area". However, the selling agents had a great incentive to sell these homes because their commission was 6%. Agents were pushing these houses and going out of their way to sell them.

The goal for the revised HUD this year was to appoint several listing agents throughout each State. Rumor had it that the purpose was to make sure these homes were well marketed and handled with care, so as to have a good turn around as they came in. Someone here on Active Rain had even posted that they called HUD (when they applied) and were told that each new prospective listing agent would only be allowed 3 counties. I, myself, applied and the application made us express WHY our marketing and experience would benefit HUD.

NOW, here's what we have....the same thing we had before only now the listing agent gets 3% and the selling agents get 3%. So they took a bad thing and made it even worse. At least in the past there was an incentive to sell them.

HUD homes are just now starting to POP up on our MLS. The listings are almost "empty". No room sizes, interior pics OR remarks. The listing agents are over an HOUR away from the homes in my area and know nothing of their value or the area. They simply list them and collect their 3%................WOW they won the lottery!

Just yesterday I had been showing units in an adult community. My client was just slightly under qualified for the lowest listed price there. She just kept saying "if there was one listed for what I am qualified for, I would purchase it today" (mind you she lives out of State and was leaving last night). Late last night I just kept scanning the Internet for a different place, town, or development. Becoming desperate I went to the next county and even searched for non adult communities...........................AND THERE IT WAS!

That exact adult community had a HUD unit for sale..................listed in the WRONG COUNTY and WRONG TOWN! It had no room sizes, no photos, no maintenance fee or model type. No one will find this thing and that's why it's not sold......How is this allowed??? And this is who HUD has chosen to list all of their properties???

Needless to say, my client left town last night and won't be back for weeks. I look bad because she wanted to know WHY I didn't know about it while she was here.


Sandra Nixon

EverSand Realty Group

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